Teach Hub - Courses & Therapy

The website was created as a showcase for a variety of therapy that helps people improve their mental health and well-being as well as courses that can help people learn new skills.

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We absolutely loved this project. We needed to create a website that was showcasing both personal development courses and also therapy services. The goal for the website was to create a website that is professional but also feels like a safe and calming space.

The client wanted the focus to be on the courses, so that people can come to the website and see the development options available to them, before showing the option for therapy. You can see we keep to this as you scroll through the home page, with the primary information shown about the courses.

We structured the website in a way that will really showcase the benefits of both the courses and the therapy on the home page, but they each have a separate landing page with all of the information kept separately.

You must go and check out the website to see all of the details, but here are some of our favourite little details.

Home Page

The hero section. Clear messaging with a calming animation

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Therapy Page

Separate section for the therapy page. We show a little bit of information, followed by further details in a pop up modal in line with the website/branding. This preserves the design of the website and gets across the relavant information to the users

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Courses Page

Detailed course information shown in a great layout that is easy for the website user to see all of the relavant details

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Articles Page

We created a section for articles that needed to be split into two distinct categories. We created a full width featured article for the most recent, along with all of the articles in a beautiful grid view

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Contact Page

We created this custom contact form which is a lot smarter than it may initially appear. We have different fields available in the same for for booking Therapy, a course, or just asking a question. Throughout the website we have lots of buttons to Book a therapy or course. In order to give the user the best experience if you click book now on a course, it will bring you to this form and have already selected the correct category and course for you. Creating less friction and steps for your users is really important

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It's hard to show how great this gallery looks on this page. We implemented pagination and an amazing design for the image gallery

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Technology Used

We designed, built and coded this website using the following technology

  • - NextJS
  • - React
  • - Tailwind CSS
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