M & J Fashion - Tailoring and Cleaning


This website was designed for a Tailoring and Cleaning business, based in Scarborough.

Logo on metal background

This website was built for a local Tailoring and Cleaning service in Scarborough.

The main priority for the website is to bring more clients through the doors. A great way to do this is by investing in SEO and making sure your business ranks on Google.

This website is designed to do just that and over the next few months this business will climb in the results when people are searching for a tailor in Scarborough.

We will monitor this through our analytics along with making any incremental changes needed to support the business.

We designed and built the website using the following technology.

  • Next.js & React (frontend)
  • Graphql + Grahpcms (backend)
  • Tailwindcss for all of the styling
  • Static Generation for performance

One factor to SEO is the performance of a website. This is something that is essential for a great user experience, but many speed metrics are now used for SEO which means we have to get the speed of the website perfect.

We created a content management system for the parts of the website that will need updating by the client such as prices. The frontend is then statically generated based on the data from the content management system that we created. This is the perfect setup for a website like this, and you can see the results below.

It doesn't get better than this!