Gro-do | International Martial Arts Federation

Website for International Martial Arts Federation, Gro-do. Created to bring awareness to the martial art and clients for the classes

Logo on metal background

This website was created for International Martial Arts Federation Gro-do. The website is to help bring awareness to the martial arts, and also to drive students into the martial arts classes.

The martial art classes are mainly for children at the moment, and we needed to cater for both male and female students, which can be reflected in the design of the website. We did not want the website to be intimidating, as the martial art and classes are also not intimidating.


One of the main challenges with this website is Internationalisation. The website is available in 3 languages. English, Romanian and Russian.

We didn't want our client to be paying for a CMS to enable 3 locales and most of the open-source and free Headless CMS solutions would only allow for two, so this was initially a bit of a sticking point.

We chose to use DatoCMS as they have more locales out of the box, and it suited our client's needs perfectly.

Website Tech Stack

  • - Next.js (React frontend Framework)
  • - DatoCMS (Headless CMS)
  • - Tailwindcss (CSS and styling of the website)

The website is statically generated for ultimate performance with incremental regeneration when the content of the website will change.

We are looking forward to working with Gro-do to help build the organisation and the website is an amazing first step.

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